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Hockey Pitch Installation And Maintenance

Hockey Pitch Installation

While artificial grass is a popular choice for a hockey pitch installation due to its longevity and reduced pitch maintenance costs compared to real grass, it does nevertheless require some care and attention to continue giving of its best year in year out, and there may be repairs to factor in as part of a hockey pitch maintenance regime.

Artificial grass hockey fields can certainly offer many advantages over their real grass counterparts – key among them being the ability to use them in conditions that would prevent play on a natural surface – but maintenance basics such as regular hockey pitch cleaning will be required.

If you are thinking of undertaking a hockey pitch resurfacing project to replace natural grass, or perhaps updating your existing artificial grass hockey fields, then some thought as to future maintenance should be given.

Usual Synthetic Grass Hockey Field Set Up Surface Area Challenges:

The following in many cases are a normal result of utilizing manufactured pitch for field hockey, and some may be a outcome of overlooking essential hockey pitch upkeep:

    • Organic debris – for a basic level field routine maintenance may entail the occasional brushing away or picking up of rubbish including leaves, twigs or wayward pieces of litter settling within the top.
    • Moss and algae – these may form on parts of the hockey field astroturf which are in the shade for very long stretches as well as have not likely had surface water cleared – or sometimes it can’t empty away owing to blocked water drainage pockets. Making certain drainage holes are certainly not obstructed and preserving them clear is usually a schedule preservation need.
    • Infill compaction – the sand infill officially used on the hockey pitch installations can get affected possibly even polluted with time thus which affects a surface’s overall performance – as an example the ball may not run accurate across the pitch any more. It is usually crucial every so often to split your sand.

Flattening of the pile – just like a carpet pile, your blades of turf can get flattened over time because of long term, hard usage and so might call for ‘fluffing up’ using a unique sort of brushing practice.

  • Very poor drainage – highlighted above under ‘moss and algae,’ artificial grass for hockey pitches frequently incorporates water drainage openings thus surface water could and definitely drain off away from the top directly into ground beneath. It’s doable after a while because of drainage holes to become clogged and so water either is not going to empty as fast as it should and / or lays upon the top. As a result of this is the surface area may become slippery and unusable, and so water drainage holes needs to be assessed sometimes and preferably unclogged before the issue will get overly critical.


The Importance Of Qualified Playing Surface Maintenance

The above hockey playing surface upkeep elements are usually best left to qualified professional hockey field assembly and after care professionals. While basic combing out of particles might be appropriately done by your layman, astro cleaning and specialised upkeep undertaken by industry experts will at least compensate off in the long run when it comes to the hockey playing surface cost.

Preventative treatment intended to forestall serious problems in field shape and even playability will probably be built in to most hockey field routine maintenance long term contracts supplied by skilled professionals. These might involve elements like re-painting lines, thorough hockey field cleansing, in addition to the supply of supplies like brand new goal netting, structures plus more. Click here for more tips

Hockey Field Repairs

Despite the very best attention and also organised upkeep schedule, maintenance may be needed now and again: just like to a tear from the manufactured playing surface.

Obviously all of these must be done rapidly and to a high standard for that reason hockey playing surface resurfacing and maintenance specialists are likely to support and – as part of their routine care regime included in their hockey pitch service agreements – will most likely be in a position to detect and even remedy fix troubles before they end up extremely serious.

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