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Maintain your artificial playing surface

Protecting Your Synthetic Hockey Pitch

Repeated maintenance of your hockey pitch surface will make sure great playing conditions all through the season. Additionally, it can prevent accidental injuries for competitors while keeping drainage at the best levels. Greatly reducing or eliminating litter and debris from the field frequently can certainly help, including tugging up any weed growth from your playing surface boundary. The great news is, artificial pitches should perfectly match the problem of the British conditions.

Taking Care Of Synthetic Hockey Pitches

The utilisation of a drag brush to push the synthetic surface in completely different directions is highly recommended, and recommended by the best hockey pitch maintenance companies. This is quite crucial in busy playing areas for instance goal-mouths and playing surface entrances. It’s a good idea to have the pitch deep cleaned fairly often to help keep any tears or inconsistencies down to the smallest amount.

Water Based Hockey Pitches

Thick along with a shorter pile, keeping this type of pitch moist is going to both provide life and make for smoother and much more exciting play. Complete irrigation is critical to help keep the surface in good shape. Frequent watering is vital here, so keeping on top of any piled up mildew is critical with regular cleaning vital in all weather.

Sand-filled And Sand-Dressed Hockey Pitches

This kind of design has always been preferred by teams and educational instituations due to its silica sand and excellent pile height, allowing outstanding shock reduction of the ball. You can discover more in this remarkable case study. In time some damage may occur during the ordinary playing process. Both surfaces can be prone to floods when contaminated, so taking outstanding care over your investment will pay dividends in the long run. We can restore the surface by using an capable compressed air process to both remove and replace infill.