Elite Off-Season Training Program

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Elite Off-Season Training Program

Our training program is at the core of the Gary Roberts HPT program. Gary Roberts and his team of elite coaches dedicate themselves to providing the most relevant training practices available with an acute focus on technique and quality of movement. Our goal is to provide an advanced training program, supported by holistic nutrition and appropriate recovery measures, to help each athlete live a healthy, balanced lifestyle that achieves high performance and longevity in their sport and life.


Off-Season Program Schedule

  • Registration for the Off-Season opens April 1st
  • Intro/Orientation Program Start Date: upon registration
  • Corrective Program Start Date: May 15th (6 weeks)
  • Off-Season Program Start Date: June 26th (8 weeks)
  • Registration for the 2017/18 Season opens August 1st and begins September 1st       
    • $450 for an individual subscription (1 year)
    • $200 (per athlete) for a team subscription (7 months, in-season)
    • Contact us to inquire about rates for club subscriptions


Program Highlights:

  • Off-season training programs with video support
  • Nutrition tips and meal suggestions available on your phone or tablet
  • Daily questionnaire tracks hydration, sleep, nutrition and recovery
  • Each week the system sends a report summary to the athlete
  • Prepares you for continued, year-round development from GRHPT
  • Scheduler allows you to keep track of your workouts, competitions and rest days
  • Stores key data in your athlete profile allowing future organizations access to your development history
  • Direct contact with training staff should you need it 


      Next steps following registration:

      • Gary's team will send you instructions on how to access your program via iTunes or Google Play
      • Education document will be sent, outlining Gary's athlete development application
      • Log-in credentials will be assigned


      Invite your friends to join the Off-Season Program! Together you will join other players your age from across North America, holding each other accountable and working hard to achieve your goals this summer. 


      For more information about Gary Roberts High Performance Training, visit our website: www.garyrobertshpt.com


      Refund Policy 
      All sales are final. Once a program is activated refunds cannot be claimed.