How do I log in to the APP?

After downloading the APP in the App Store or Google Play log in by using the email you signed up with and the password you selected. Ensure that you have a strong wifi connection, as that is required to run the APP. Older phones may take longer to process, be mindful of this when using the APP.

You may change your email or password at any time by logging into garyrobertstraining.com and going to the “My Account” tab in the menu.

How does the APP work?

When you open the APP your dashboard will appear. Here you will be prompted to complete your Daily Self Assessment and begin your workout. In the top left hand corner exists the menu icon, click on this button to view menu options.



Before beginning your workout, use the “Body Awareness” slider to indicate how your body is feeling.

To view how an exercise is performed, click the “Watch Video” button and the “View Details” button for coaching cues and exercise instructions.

 You can record the weights/loads used for an exercise by clicking “Log Details” (you can only record weights when there is a weight previously listed). This function is optional.

 When you finish an exercise, ensure you hit the “Mark Complete” button (this is required). Indicate your perceived exertion (how hard you felt the workout was) at the end of the workout. Hit the “Complete” button to save your workout when done.



How do I know when my program has been assigned?

To ensure that your are properly receiving your programs the following steps must be satisfied upon registration:

  1. Ensure you have downloaded the App via the App Store or Google Play
  2. Enable app push notifications (IMPORTANT: If this step is missed you will not be prompted when new programs/phases are assigned)

How does my program work?

Every program is structured into progressive phases looking at developing specific strength and energy systems adaptations.

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 How many workouts do I get?

The number of workouts per phase depends on the phase and timing of delivery of the phase. Phases delivered in the off-season may contain anywhere from 3-5 workouts per week and can include strength, conditioning, and recovery sessions. In-Season phases may contain anywhere from 2-3 workouts per week and can include strength and recovery sessions.

How do I read my workout?

When looking at your workouts, you will notice that each grouping of exercises can have a prescribed number of sets, reps, weight, time, tempo and rest.

  • Sets represent the number of times each exercise or grouping of exercises will be repeated.
  • Reps represent the number of times a specific exercise is repeated per set.
  • Weights provided are not set in stone, athletes may use more or less weight than what is prescribed based on perceived level of difficulty. (Not every exercise will have a prescribed weight)
  • Time represents the length of an isometric hold or the length of an interval. (Not every exercise will have a prescribed time)
  • Tempo is the length of time each repetition should take. It is broken up into the different phases of the movement including: eccentric, isometric, and concentric. An example of a tempo that an athlete may see is 2:2:2. This indicates that the athlete will take 2 seconds in the eccentric phase (the lowering), 2 seconds in the isometric phase (the hold or static time at the mid-point of the movement), and 2 seconds during the concentric phase (the raising, pushing, or pulling portion of the movement).
  • Rest represents the time an athlete should take between exercises or sets.


Where can I find the nutrition information?

Nutrition tips and recipes are updated weekly and can be found in the nutrition tab in the menu.

If I want more specific assistance with my nutrition, is it possible to get a plan?

If you require additional assistance than what has been provided, a consultation with our Holistic Sports Nutritionist can be arranged at an additional cost.


How do I know what/how my child is doing?

Parents will receive a weekly email report generated by the system if their email was provided upon registration. Parents may add their emails to their child’s profile at any time to receive weekly reports.