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Message From Gary Roberts

“My inspiration to start Gary Roberts HPT grew out of my own journey to regenerate myself after I suffered a serious neck injury that forced me to retire from the NHL in 1996 after 10 seasons.  After two neck surgeries and with the assistance of many experts, I embarked on a program that combined specialized training, proper nutrition, rehabilitative therapies and recovery strategies. It was this integrated routine that enabled me to return to the NHL and play another 12 years.

Now my passion is sharing what I’ve learned on how to effectively prepare for performance.  Together with an elite team of training, nutrition and sports therapy professionals, we teach players how to build and maintain a strong foundation to successfully perform in their sport and life.  My hope is that they will be able to avoid many of the challenges that can arise in the game or at least be as prepared as they can be to overcome them.”

Strength Training For Youth Hockey

Today’s sport culture places more emphasis on young athletes competing in a single sport all year round. Young hockey players, for example, are moving from one league or team to the next as quickly as the seasons change. As playoffs end, spring hockey begins and before you know it September arrives and skates have barely been untied. Continuous play is creating athletes who lack proper movement patterns and this can increase the risk of injury.

So for young athletes, time spent on functional training is very important to develop proper movement patterns and increase tendon and ligament strength. Recognizing that our bodies are designed for certain movements – running, jumping, squatting, lunging, pushing and pulling, etc. – we pay close attention to how we incorporate these movements in a holistic way in our training programs.  Our goal is to improve body awareness in order to effectively build strength, balance, speed, agility and ultimately overall athleticism.


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