Club Programs - Team License

Gary Roberts and his team of elite coaches dedicate themselves to providing the most relevant training practices available with an acute focus on technique and quality of movement. Our goal is to provide an effective training program, supported by holistic nutrition and appropriate recovery measures, to help each athlete live a healthy, balanced lifestyle that achieves high performance and longevity in their sport and life.


Program Highlights: 

  • Age appropriate workouts designed by Gary Roberts. Each team-purchase provides individual athletes with 7 months of in-season programming with development and body maintenance workouts.
  • Athlete Development App - FREE for all registered athletes.
  • Team Coaches and Club Directors have access to admin profiles that provide detailed reports on workout progress and combine results club-wide, by team, or athlete-to-athlete.
  • Parents receive weekly updates on how their child is performing via the automated reporting system. Nutrition advice, healthy meal ideas, recovery measures and motivational feedback will be included in weekly reporting emails. 
  • Club software tracks and reports individual athlete workout history, overall team performance & team performance in relation to the club as a whole. 
  • In-the-box combine. Team Coaching Staff run combines throughout the season. All you need is a hallway and dressing room. Coaching staff log data into each individual profile creating a record of performance. Combine results are archived in the system. 
  • Coaching Scheduler. Coaches easily build and assign schedules to their athletes. Schedules appear in athlete profiles, keeping everyone on the same page.